Our Values


All we do, is with the best intention to create a better world for our children. We think this should be a core value in life, and to increase the impact beyond our personal value, we simply launched Ekoto! :)

We believe that full transparency in every step of our chain is your right to know and our commitment to really apply the best practices currently possible and seek to innovate to do even better.

Most conventional businesses now write a broad story about the goodwill and the few good things they are doing already (often also out of own financial interest) and the story will be filled with empty corporate statements.

We will instead keep it short and bullet point everything.

Please note: We never claim to be perfect and as we are a young company, we can still improve on heaps of things. And we will!

We value transparency

  • We are completely transparent about the background of your product.
  • We ask producers for detailed information, statistics and hard proof.
  • We benchmark our products with competing products.
  • We encourage the people we reach to be critical on us.
  • We also show the things we still have to improve.
  • Something still unclear? We happily explain everything. Feel free to reach out!


We support healthy living

  • We do not only sell products, but we want to support you in living healthy, comfortably and sustainably.
  • We provide recipes in different forms (audio-visual format, with technical tips, in the future as well).
  • We will share with you other brands with ethical values. We actually think we have no competitors as true competitors would be working towards similar ethical goals :)
  • We strive to limit your time spent ordering products at Ekoto.


We go for green

At Ekoto sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Though, the word "sustainable" is being used so often that it is slowly losing it's truthful meaning. We use our expertise on agriculture, food and energy when choosing which way to go. Looking beyond the often mention carbon dioxide. 

  • Organic is our standard when it comes to food, but "in transition to organic/ pesticide free" will also be taken up into our assortment, when producers are working towards becoming organic. When something is not organic, this will be clearly stated in the details at glance.
  • We strive to use single material packaging, so that recycling is easy.
  • We strive to not use plastic, sometimes our suppliers still use plastic packaging and we continue to stimulate them to eliminate this material. At times it is not yet possible to eliminate this material, in this case we always try to use reusable options or at last to recycle it correctly.
  • We use already existing buildings, that are temporarily empty, to lower the costs and the climate impact of construction.
  • Though transport accounts generally for less than 10% of climate impact, we are working on a compensation program in which we can realise long term benefits for our climate. If you have ideas for projects, feel free to contact us! 

As mentioned earlier, we are not perfect and we may never be. Though, we will work as hard as we can to leave no footprint behind, we say no to harmful materials and we help producers become sustainable.

Transparency is key to make a positive impact!

Though, if something is still unclear, we hope you reach out to us! :)

Are you ready to join change?


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