Dutch native herbal tea blend

(Un)Green Blend

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Although is not really green tea, its earthy flavor reminds us of its taste, our (un)green blend tea brings the warmth and freshness of spring with its pleasant aroma



At a glance:

  • Grown in The Netherlands
  • Does not contain caffeine 
  • Tasty and green flavor
  • Grown in biodiverse practices 
  • Size: 25 gr 
  • Cups of tea: 18 to 20 cups


Detailed information:

  • Packaging: Paperwise bag of biodegradable materials
  • Produced in: The Netherlands
  • Produced by: Group of regional farmers, including Ekoto Farm
  • Field objective: Biodiversity increase
  • Certificates: -
  • Processed by: Wilder-Land
  • Transport mode to warehouse: Transporter van
  • Bulk storage: Stored in paper bulk bags
  • How to recycle: With paper and carton or on the compost pile


To enjoy all the properties of this tea we recommend you boil water at 100°C, then you can add one teaspoon of tea per cup or a tablespoon if you are using a pot, then let it rest for approximately 7-8 minutes  and you're ready to go!

Tip: If you want you can add some honey as a natural sweetener.



The herbs used to produce the tea blends are grown on different farms here in the Netherlands, in this way we avoid unnecessary transport emissions and we prevent monoculture practises by growing on different fields across the Netherlands. Lastly, the herbs used for this tea are native dutch herbs, so by growing them here we increase the biodiversity of Dutch agriculture and also stimulate the livability of bees, butterflies, birds, etc.


In an attempt to reduce the impact of monocultures on the soil and to restore the biodiversity of the Netherlands, Wilder-land together with other small farms in the area produces these native varieties of tea like nettle, fleaworts, dandelion, common yarrow, cornflower, and many more. All herbs that are healthy for people and nature!

Ekoto is looking together with Wilder-land to grow other native crops locally and work more together to pursue our goals of sustainable production!