About Ekoto

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    Ekoto is despite its broad field of work and ambitions, still a young company. Despite that a group of people work on the farm, true employees a...
  • Ivar van Dorst

    The foundation of Ekoto is based on a frustration of anonymous products that we buy in our every day life. With every product I buy, I wonder what practices I am supporting. Perhaps child labour, modern slavery or
  • Teyo Broers

    In bigger companies you usually get one single job or task for weeks, at Ekoto all jobs are diverse and when you get bored of doing one you can always do another, it is for sure something I appreciated,
  • Kiran Pavana

    When working at Ekoto, I took on the responsibilities of managing some crop trials and the company’s social media account on Instagram. The trials consisted of approximately 45 ancient legume varieties,