Jannes van Roermund

 Jannes van Roermund in the field of herbal tea at Ekoto Farm
Name: Jannes van Roermund
Nationality: Dutch
Joined Ekoto: February 2023


Jannes' story:

Sometimes you need a crisis to see how much better we can shape the world. For me, that was the corona crisis. At that time, I had been a correspondent in Poland and was working in the editorial office of De Telegraaf, and I started to get socially engaged. I co-founded Nieuw West Brabant, an initiative to stimulate a local economy, founded the blog OverNu for investigative journalism - now transferred - and was allowed to start writing for research platform Follow The Money. An experiment around unconditional cohabitation in which I lived without a house and money for 3 months taught me a lot. Now I try to take good care of the world and others, including volunteering for people who have become homeless, buying only second-hand clothes myself and no longer flying, as well as a solidarity model for a market garden. In the process, I had the privilege of working with Ivar, who is hugely idealistically driven but also realistic, and a successful pioneer within his field. And of course with all the other participants within the "Ekoto Team" that is forming. Within Ekoto, I will be the contact person for the vegetable boxes on our innovative subscription model. Let's make it to a success together!

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