About Ekoto

The Mission
With every purchase we make, we fund a certain chain of activities. Often this chain is unknown and less bright than we imagine. With this realisation Ekoto was founded with a clear mission; - Accelerating the transition to a sustainable and transparent supply chain – We know and describe the background of Ekoto’s products, visit the producers, and bring the sustainable products to you. So, if you are eating your oatmeal and question how it has been produced, the background story will always be online and available!

The movement
Realising a transition needs a movement. Many big companies have become big ships. It takes long for them to change direction. So we go bottom up! Together with many individuals and small companies we want to ensure that a liveable future remains within our reach. Are you joining our movement? Share your ideas or tips, keep us accountable for our actions (equally all other businesses) or join our team! Working together is key!

The Farm
Ekoto Farm lies at the heart of all operations. The warehouse and office are here, as well as the farm infrastructure including its biodiverse fields.The fields are home to some of Ekoto's products as well as to practical research for sustainable agriculture. Read more about the Farm at the Producer page of Ekoto Farm.

The crew
A crew is needed to achieve big missions! Here the tiny crew of Ekoto. Want to join? Reach out!

mk220706_EttenLeur_Ekoto_MK683517 - Copy.jpg__PID:ae4f2d9e-9bce-4d41-b866-74bb39905029
Jannes van Roermund in the herbal tea field
Kiran Pavana in the pulse trial field at Ekoto
Teyo Broers - Germination of native herbal tea plantsEugenio Rhoads harvesting zucchini's
Paulina Córdova Walterspiel Intern at EkotoSeongbae Park fingerweeding beans at Ekoto Farm
Juan Felipe Camacho driving the tractor at Ekoto FarmJoin Ekoto