Mint tea

Mint tea

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Our mint tea is perfect for any occasion, you can take it either way, after waking up, and it will give you energy for the whole morning plus a fresh breath to start your day, or you can take it at night to relax before going to bed. It doesn't really matter when you drink it, it's always a good time for tea!

    Our mint tea is 100% grown on Ekoto's own Farm and processed by Wilder-Land. Together we work towards our common goal of increasing biodiversity in The Netherlands.


    At a glance

    • Grown in The Netherlands
    • Refreshing taste 
    • Spicy and fresh flavor
    • Grown on biodiverse fields 
    • Size: 25 gr 
    • Cups of tea: 18 to 20 cups


    Detailed information:

    • Packaging: Paperwise bag of biodegradable materials
    • Produced in: The Netherlands
    • Produced by: Ekoto Farm
    • Field objective: Biodiversity increase
    • Certificates: -
    • Processed by: Wilder-Land
    • Transport mode to warehouse: Transporter van
    • Bulk storage: Stored in paper bulk bags
    • How to recycle: With paper and carton or on the compost pile


    To enjoy all the properties of this tea we recommend you boil water at 100

    °C, then you can add one teaspoon of tea per cup or a tablespoon if you are using a pot, then let it rest for approximately 7-8 minutes  and you're ready to go!

    Tip: If you want you can add some honey as a natural sweetener.


    Our single origin varieties are produced on Ekoto's own Farm. Herewith we are minimizing food miles. But more importantly, we grow native herbs which stimulate biodiversity. The production method at Ekoto Farm is also incredibly unique as all crops are grown in narrow strips. Meaning that every 3 metres another crop can be found. At Ekoto Farm we say; "Diversify, Diversify, Diversify". 


    In an attempt to reduce the impact of monocultures on the soil and to restore the biodiversity of the Netherlands, Ekoto Farm produces native varieties of crops. Not only with the tea varieties, but also with its assortment of grains and pulses.

    The process of cutting, drying and sifting is done by Wilder-Land. Part of the mint harvest from Ekoto Farm is used in the Wilder-Land Blends as you know them from our website, but the other part is coming straight back to Ekoto. Now we can offer you a 100% single origin mint tea. Not sprayed, no chemical treatments, no nonsense!