Komo FlicFloc Hand flaker oats
Handflaker for cereals, legumes and spices
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Handflaker for cereals, legumes and spices


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The FlicFloc is so fun and easy to use, no wonder why kids are always playing with it!!  It has a robust look that allows you to effortlessly flake oatmeal, seeds, or even grains and spices. This very attractive machine can get the eye of many, both young and adult, and everybody can use it. It can be attached to almost any flat surface in your kitchen or in your office as it comes with two solid clamps.

The case is a very unique piece, it is clearly distinguished from all other flake crushers and mills because of its triangular case and hopper. With its robust wood and steel design, you can believe us when we tell you that the FlicFloc is one of the strongest and most robust Flakers in the market. The handle is made especially for you and is extremely silent and smooth, it can be operated by anyone at your home with a single movement. The FlicFloc looks fun, it can be operated by anyone very easily, offers fresh and nutritive flakes at any time of the day, and even comes with a  glass container to store your freshly cut flakes. What more can you ask from a Flaker?!

Complete product details


At a glance:

  • Grinds 80 - 130 Grams of wheat per minute
  • Hopper capacity: 100 g of Oats 
  • Heigh / Width / Depth:  18.8 cm / 12.1 cm / 12.2 cm
  • Weight: 1.7 Kilograms
  • Crushing Mechanism material: Nickel-Free stainless steel.
  • Perfect for a household size of 1 to 5 people.

Detailed information:

  • Case Materials: Furniture grade beech plywood
  • Produced in: Tyrol, Austria 
  • Produced by: KoMo
  • Certificates:  TUV and Tested Safety - PEFC certified Wood
  • Transportation method: Truck
  • This product can grind the following: Softgrains / Spices / Oilseeds. Specific information on these can be found HERE.
  • Packaging: Reusable packages with integrated impact protection.



KoMo mills together with Ekoto are on a mission to bring sustainability back into your kitchen, however this time not only with Ekoto's famous grains but also with environmentally friendly mills and tools that add a rather simple but intriguing aspect to your kitchen!! KoMo only processes PEFC-certified wood. PEFC is the largest institution for marketing and ensuring sustainable forest management through an independent certification system. 

Shipping emissions are reduced by ordering in bulk and all wood used in KoMo products come from local woods in Austria. Purchased components are delivered with as little packaging as possible, without compromising the protection of your KoMo product. Ekoto together with KoMo are on a mission to eliminate all plastics in our packages and instead, use as much recycled paper as possible to cover and protect your eco-friendly products.



KoMo is a family company where tradition, innovation, and sustainability work together to achieve the best quality products. KoMo devices are known worldwide and are offered in more than 60 countries. You can find a variety of KoMo products ranging from hand mills, automatic mixers, and even simple kitchen items such as flour sieves and other baking accessories. The quality of these products is very important to Komo and the longevity of these utilities is backed with a warranty that reaches up to 12 years!!.

The products are 100% made in Austria where most production processes are controlled and managed. Together with protected workshops, KoMo manages to offer work to people with mental and physical disabilities. In doing so, they attach great importance to standard market remuneration and provide a great example of inclusiveness.

Quality is ensured through several tests and final controls, and of course, KoMo is constantly developing its products to satisfy all your kitchen needs.

Ekoto is looking together with KoMo to offer a more sustainable way of life not only through specific diets but also through kitchen accessories that give your home a unique look and promote a healthier lifestyle. The wooden design surely gives a warm feel to your counter top.