• Carrot and Potato Roast

    Potato, carrot and parsnip are a dream team. The caramelized carrot and crispy potato and parsnip wedges are delicious with mayonnaise. The salad adds some freshness and protein.
  • Indonesian Spicy Cabbage

    Inspired by the Indonesian Sajoer Bean dish, this recipe puts the not-so-common laos taste at the center of the dish. Overwhelmed by all the spices? Try looking for Sajoer Bean mix in the supermarket. It's also nice with tofu if you want to get a protein boost.
  • Beetroot and pumpkin curry

    This veggie-packed curry takes a bit of cutting work for the pumpkin (except if you got hold of pre-cut pumpkin pieces) but otherwise it’s a very easy one-pot recipe. The beetroot gives a lovely colour and together with the lemon juice this is a fresh and satisfying low-carb curry.
  • Coconut Dahl

    Dahl is a South Asian lentil stew with lots of flavour. In this version, the peaches add some delicious sweetness while the raw spinach gives a fresh bite. If you’re not a fan of warm fruit, you could also replace the peaches with tomato.
  • Aubergine Tomato Curry

    A curry inspired by a Pakistani recipe. The aubergine is extra delicious if you first brown it on high heat. The original recipe is a dry curry without coconut milk, which also works, just add some water. You could replace the rice with quinoa.


  • Peanut Fruit Rice

    This recipe is originally from Rwanda. There is no sauce, but because the rice is cooked in coconut milk it still is a creamy dish.
  • Green Lemon Spaghetti

    A straightforward and fresh spaghetti. You could even leave away the cream to make it lighter.

  • Mushroom Coconut Rice

    A simple and rich rice that you can add your favourite vegetables to. The soy sauce and mushrooms create awesome umami flavours while the coconut milk creates silky smooth rice.
  • Sweet Potato Roast

    This is a variation on the typical Dutch meal of having potatoes, veggies and meat. A bit of soy sauce gives the extra umami to the creamy spinach.
  • Roasted Chicory with Honey

    The dream team combination of goat cheese, honey, and walnuts is the perfect balance for the bitter taste of the chicory. You only have to prep all the ingredients and then wait for the oven to do its magic. You might need two oven trays if you’re making this recipe for 4 people.

  • Chickpea Stew with Apricot

    This simple stew is inspired by a North-African Tajine. Celeriac has an earthy and at the same time fresh taste, which goes well with the rich tomato flavors. You could serve it with rice or bread if you have hungry guests.


  • Brussels Sprouts with Kale and Apple

    Not everyone likes brussels sprouts, but its bitter taste creates a delicious combination with the sweet apples, sour vinegar and umami from the cheese.