Mediterranean Savoury Oats and Lentils with Hummus

Savoury oat lentil with hummus mediterranean style

Mediterranean Style Savoury Oats & Lentils with Hummus

⁣75g of oats
⁣145g of lentils⁣
⁣900 ml veggie stock⁣
⁣2 cloves garlic⁣
⁣4 spring onions
⁣salt + pepper⁣
⁣a drizzle of rapeseed oil
⁣In a pot, cook garlic and onion in rapeseed oil over medium heat. Season it with salt and pepper.
⁣Stir in broth and bring to a boil. ⁣
⁣Add lentils and oats. Whilst stirring, bring to a boil again. Reduce heat and simmer (covered) for 25 minutes—until liquid has been absorbed and lentils and oats are soft. ⁣
⁣roasted red peppers⁣
⁣roasted tomatoes⁣
⁣pea shoots⁣
⁣sun dried tomatoes⁣
Seeds of your liking⁣
⁣creamy hummus
⁣Finish it as you please and enjoy! ⁣
⁣Serves 4-6⁣


A recipe by Mori from Realizing Fitness

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