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Arjen & Winny

Collaboration, innovation and education

Farming at two country estates in Lochem and Borne, Arjen and Winny manage to grow a large variety of crops and herd a variety of farm animals. They are not afraid to collaborate, as they do with Hans, who looks after all the animals herds at the two locations. Arjen is specialised in crop production and doesn't bounce back to pioneer and Winny is specialised in sales and customer support and collaborates with many local businesses in order to offer a wide assortment of products. All together they make a great team and with the many dreams they have, it is worth keeping an eye out on this pioneering company.



Nature management at core

Just outside the urban area of Breda in Southern Netherlands, Emiel is farming fields scattered throughout recreational forests. He lays his focus on creating value for wild life, biodiversity and landscape. The nature inclusive farmer manages cattle, sheep and pigs, all extensively. Camelina oil was the first oil he grew and pressed all on the farm, but he hopes to expand this assortment of locally produced oils soon. With Ekoto located only 15km away from Emiel's farm, the supply chain remains short and value is added where it can make a positive impact.

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Farmer Emiel

Are you a producer of sustainable products or do you know some pioneers with sustainable and ethical products, feel free to contact us!

TRY NOW: Quinoa from Arjen and Winny

Organic quinoa from Dutch soil

Saponin free

Whereas most quinoa contains a bitter layer of saponin that needs to be washed of, this quinoa is saponin free. No washing required!

Grown on Dutch soil

Locally grown in the east of the Netherlands. The field it was grown on was beautifully surrounded by forest and no artificial chemical was used in the whole process!


In processing plants, the outer layer is often sanded of from the grain, to make it look more white. Luckily ours is just as it was meant to be, containing all the good nutrients!

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