Seongbae Park

Seongbae Park fingerweeding beans at Ekoto Farm


Name: Seongbae Park 
South Korea 
Internship period:
June 2022

University: HAS University of Applied Sciences 
Study Program:
Horticulture and Business Management 
Type of internship: Work Experience Placement 
Responsible projects: Trial field management of ancient bean varieties


I personally have huge interest in vertical and hydroponic systems with crop steering technique, such as fertigation plan, irrigation strategy, and climate control with light intensity, ambient CO2, and vapor pressure deficit, but barely had an idea about open fields or regenerative farming. However, thanks to Ivar van Dorst for providing an internship experience at his organic strip farm, I had a chance to understand the basic logic behinds the organic arable land.

My experience at the farm was for a month in June in 2022, where sowing process happened and transplanting seedlings to open-field from their own greenhouse shape of propagator. Also, some crops were already in vegetative stage such as beans. The biodiversity in the farm provides chance to experience multiple crops in one spot as well as experience in different cultivation processes. For instance, weeding in different ways, setting an irrigation system, topping for fruit maturation and pest control, harvesting and post-harvest processes.

Besides, regular cultivations, Ivar also run trial fields annually to bring back heirloom Dutch bean varieties. Making the trial field was the most challenging yet interesting task I had during the internship. It is challenging because the trial fields require high precision on sowing. However, Ivar guided me simple but efficient way of making straight sowing lines with just simple tools.

Not only the farm had good learning contents but also Ivar and his family are very friendly and warm. Their positivity often motivates me to focus on works and feel more responsible.

Although, I was bit out of my track, feeling stressed and drained even before I had the internship experience, the positivity and diligence from Ivar and his family brought me back on track. It was just a month of working experience, but I got so much positive vibe and focused mind-set from them.


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