Pumpkin Season!

It's autumn and that means pumpkins! At Ekoto Farm we also produce a variety of pumpkins that find its way to local markets therewith also your kitchen counter! Shipping pumpkins is not possible at this stage, but we honestly also recommend to take on the search for a pumpkin stall on a nearby farm. Make sure to check whether they are edible! Do you have a favorite recipe with pumpkin in it? Please share it in comments and we can all enjoy the taste of autumn! 


Grey-Green Nelson pumpkin of Ekoto farm Orange Summer Pumpkin at Ekoto Farm

 The two varieties up here are our major varieties. Further more we have included a few other varieties in our trial fields. We are also trialing to grow pumpkins in a companion cropping of three crops. This means that we combine three crops mixed into a field, so that biodiversity increases and food and habitat for animals is provided.


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