Wholemeal rye flour of Ekoto

Wholemeal rye flour

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750 gram

Rye flour is ideal for starting a sourdough or to give more flavour to your bread! As rye has less gluten, it becomes a more dense bread. Combine rye flour therefore with wheat flour if a less dense bread is desired.

Our rye variety is an ancient variety, it has not been taken up in a selective breeding project and therefore still contains vital minerals and vitamins.

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At a glance:

  • Ideal for bread baking
  • Suitable to use as a sourdough starter
  • Rich in fibre
  • Grown in The Netherlands

Detailed information:

  • Produced in: Etten-Leur, The Netherlands
  • Produced by: Ekoto Farm
  • Field objective: Soil conservation (avoiding bare soil)
  • Certificates: None
  • Processed by: Ekoto
  • Transport mode to warehouse: Transporter van
  • Bulk storage: Bulk boxes
  • Packaging: unbleached kraft paper bag
  • How to recycle: Packaging with paper and carton


Rye flour is ideal for starting a sourdough as it has the right set of yeast-like bacteria. Rye also gives more flavour to your bread. As rye has less gluten, it becomes a more dense bread. Combine rye flour therefore with wheat flour if a less dense bread is desired. Wanting to bake the traditional Scandinavian rye bread? Check out the broken rye in our assortment.


This rye was grown on a small plot of land that would have been left bare if not cultivated by Ekoto. Sometimes small field are left bare as it is not seen as efficient to cultivate these fields. Though at Ekoto we think producing food in many small fields is much better as nature can still life in and around these fields.

As the Dutch landscape is mainly made up of grass and corn for animal feed, or intensive crops for export, such as potatoes, onions and flower bulbs. Grain, seed and pulse crops have almost completely disappeared from our fields.

Grain and seed crops are really good for the soil structure and it brings carbon into the soil. As it is almost impossible for the soil to only grow intensive crops, Dutch farmers sometimes grow a little bit grain. Though, farmers will not make a financial profit from grain cultivation, as the land prices are too high. Most of this grain goes to chicken and pig feed production, whilst grain for human consumption is still being imported.

Making grain attractive again for Dutch cultivation is a challenge, as prices in the supermarket would go up. But as agricultural soils are dangerously poor, grain crops would be very welcome. Ekoto takes on the challenge with farmers to grow grain locally again. By joining us, you have a vote in the Dutch landscape! Do we want monoculture, poor soils and artificial chemicals or do we want biodiverse fields, capturing carbon and all of that without artificial inputs?



Ekoto wants to make our supply chains better! By farming ourselves and doing research to better cultivation practices and more vital crops, we want to help our partner producers with this challenging transition whilst offering a healthy revenue model.

Ekoto grows its crops in a strip-cropping system. Long lanes of 3 or 6 metres make up the landscape. This means that every few metres another crop can be found. This makes life for insects and wildlife a lot easier. Food and habitat for a large variety of life can be found. The larger the variety the more resilient nature is. Pests and diseases can therefore not develop so easily. If in any case it would develop, it would still not be able to spread as the hosting crop is many lanes further down the field. Though this sounds a little complex, it means very simply that spraying pesticides is no longer needed! Better for wildlife as well as for our own health! Let's be honest... who would want to eat food that has been sprayed with artificial chemicals?

Strip-cropping field at Ekoto Farm

Strip cropping in organic production is a promising model to make a large step towards nature. Ekoto goes all in on strip farming! Will you? :)