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Become a harvest sharer!

Ekoto works according to the principle of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). You support us. We give you fresh veggies. We started in spring and we re-open subscription now!

You'll become part of a network and vibrant community of 90+ other harvest sharers. You support a system of "Solidarity Payment" where everyone can join. For the upcoming half a season, you get a weekly box of freshly harvested veggies right out of the soil - from the week of 27 august until the 2nd of December. You pick up the box on tuesday or wednesday in Breda, or on saturday at Ekoto's farm, where we have coffee or tea. 

Questions? Call farmer Jannes, +316 83806926. 

This is what you get from us:

  • On the "Collection Day" an assortment of vegetables at a collection point of your choice. You get 3 to 4 varieties with a small harvest box and 5 to 7 varieties with a normal harvest box.
  • On "farm day" Saturday (09.00 - 12.00) you can come to Ekoto's Farm and drink tea or coffee. Regularly, you can attend the education or play moments for children.
  • You can become a member of the app group 'Ekoto recipe inspiration' and the app group 'Ekoto harvest' with information about the vegetables of the week.
  • There will be some annual celebrations. You can also become a volunteer, set up an event team or organize canning days. But first and foremost, nothing is expected from you, it is entirely optional and voluntarily.

Sign up now! Or read our most important points:

Solidarity Payment

The payment is different than you are used to. The annual amount for your harvest portion is based on your capacity, mutual solidarity and the horticulturist's hourly wage. This system is called Solidaire Payment.

We divide the fixed costs equally for everyone. You choose the hourly rate yourself. This together forms the price of the veggie box. Choose what is feasible and appropriate for you. Want to know the in-depth calculations behind the costs? Read it here.

Super healthy

We do not use any pesticides and take care of the soil with organic fertilizer and compost. Because we do not use fertilizers, the crops absorb many micronutrients such as boron, calcium, copper and manganese.

We don't grow vegetables, but nutrient-rich food. This way you and your family stay healthy and energetic.

Veggie box 2022 Ekoto

Impression of the range (this was a package + additional ordered products that have been recorded by an active participant / host of pick-up location of 2022).

The gardeners

Coordinator of the Community Garden is Jannes van Roermund, who previously worked as a journalist and took an annual Permaculture course.

Founder of Ekoto is Ivar van Dorst. He completed HAS Green Academy, set up his own company, conducts research into old 'primal' varieties and new crops and gives lectures at Wageningen University, among others.

Ivar van Dorst in the CSA garden of 2022

Ivar in the vegetable garden of 2022. Weed control is done by hand or tools.

Collection points

We prefer the pick up at Ekoto's farm. At your request, a number of collection points have also been created at involved harvest sharers. At the packaging-free shop Elemental Eco in the Boschstraat in Breda, you can combine picking up the box with your daily sustainable shopping.

Jannes at work in Ekoto's herb garden.

Become a volunteer

Of course you don't have to, but we are very happy with volunteers who come to help half a day a week. Coffee and our own Ekoto tea will be ready. It's mostly a good time. Registration is via the newsletter, that you will receive later on.

Farmer Ivar van Dorst in CSA vegetable field
The lettuce field just before harvesting.


This is possible via

  1. Select your choices above, and pay for your "shopping cart". Then you are registered.
  2. Transfer an annual amount of your choice to our account. Below is an indication. We keep assistance level as a minimum for ourselves. Make a choice according to your own capacity.

Bank account number: NL 45 TRIO 0320 0229 86

Name: Ekoto

Description: State the package size, pick-up point of your choice, and your email address

IMPORTANT: if you choose to transfer, we do need your contact information so that we can inform you at the start of the harvest. 

Do you foresee difficulties paying the whole sum ahead? Take up contact with Jannes at 0683806926 to talk about our solution.

Amount for indication:

Small vegetable package

 Income category: Price per box: Total price per half year:
Aid income €10.35 €145.67
Minimum wage €12.66 €178.10
Minimum self-employed rate €15.53 €218.43
Average income €18.09 €254.50
Average self-employed rate €23.21 €326.59

Normal vegetable package

 Income category: Price per box: Total price per half year:
Aid income €11.73 €165.06 
Minimum wage €14.82  €208.53
Minimum self-employed rate €18.67  €262.64
Average income €22.10  €310.94
Average self-employed rate €28.97  €407.57

Any questions?

Want to know more, for example about the new payment? Click here or call with Jannes: +316 83806926.